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Amber Benson News:

Appearance News:

  • Amber is currently filming 'Strictly Sexual' (2006) in which she is playing the character Donna.
  • Amber's episode of the television series 'The Inside' will be appearing on UK television.
  • Amber's recent projects include 'Tripping Forward', 'Simple Things', 'Lovers, Liars and Lunatics', 'Angst', 'Attack of the Gryphon' and 'Race You to the Bottom'.

Release News:

  • 'Ghosts of Albion: Witchery' novel will be released on September 26th 2006, Pre-order yours now at Amazon.co.uk or
  • Amazon.com.
  • '30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales: v. 2' is now available from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com
  • Benson Entertainment has 'Chance' available again on DVD NTSC (US) format. Place your order at the Chance website now!

Project News:

  • Amber is producing another independent feature film - 'Lovers, Liars and Lunatics' - which is currently in post-production.


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